VLP 3Saokio Heritage recognizes that central to all traditional knowledge systems is the unique language from which the knowledge arises. Scholars recorded and documented the ‘voices’ of Blackfeet people. These materials can be found in public archives, libraries, museums, churches, and  include; individual biographies, community histories, stories, mythologies and environmental knowledge.

Blackfeet to English Dictionary: Created by Jack Holterman from his research with Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikani) elders, published in 1995.

American Museum of Natural History: At the beginning of the 20th century ethnographer Clark Wissler and his Piegan collaborator David Duvall recorded 100s of pages of Blackfeet knowledge.

National Museum of Natural HistoryOne of the most important archives to find language materials available to the public is the National Anthropological Archives at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

Piegan InstitutePiegan Institute is a private nonprofit on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana. They have worked with various scholars and first language speakers to create language materials. (Posted with permission.)

Blackfeet language materials can be found at a variety of places around the world. The materials are public and posted with permission.