Saokio Heritage is a community-based organization developed by Indigenous women that serves to educate and advocate for the revitalization of Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikani) traditional knowledge in a modern context.

Saokio Heritage’s mission is to “Honor Our Ancestors Knowledge” by breathing new life into our language, history, and traditional environmental knowledge¬†of the Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikani).

Our most recent project “Ahwahsiin (The Land/Where we get our Food): Traditional Foods and Contemporary Food Sovereignty on the Blackfeet Reservation” was created with generous funding from the First Nations Development Institute.

A new grant this fall from First Nations Development Institute will allow Saokio Heritage to create new language videos to teach the Blackfeet words of traditional foods, produce a policy guide to teach community members to advocate for food sovereignty, and host a traditional foods summit.

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Saokio Heritage was founded in 2008 in collaboration with Indigenous women and the Piegan Institute on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana. Please visit our Facebook page and our YouTube page.

The Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikani) also called themselves the Saokio-tapi or the prairie people. Saokio Heritage selected our name to celebrate our “prairie” heritage. (Saokio is pronounced like Tokyo.)