Saokio Heritage was founded in 2008 in collaboration with Piegan Institute and the late Darrell Robes Kipp to focus specifically on language revitalization and traditional ecological knowledge on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana. In the past 10 years we have worked on various projects to revitalize Blackfeet traditional knowledge and language. We work closely with elders in our community. Under their guidance we share their traditional knowledge within Blackfeet territory through presentations and workshops and on social media we share with those who live outside of our traditional territory.

Over the years we have collaborated with Peigan Institute, Empower MT, the National Coalition of Native American Language Schools and Programs and the University of Montana Environmental Studies and Native American Studies departments.

Some of what we have done over the last 10 years:

  • Each summer we conduct workshops or give public presentations on Blackfeet traditional knowledge, ethnobotany and history.
  • We received a grant from Humanities Montana to create a website with digitized language resources in collaboration with the National Coalition of Native American Language Schools and Programs
  • We began creating Blackfeet “Word a Day” videos and uploading them to our YouTube page. We now have over 70 videos
  • With a grant from the First Nations Development Institute, we conducted oral-history research with elders and produced a report on food sovereignty and Blackfeet traditional foods
  • A second grant from the First Nations Development Institute enabled Saokio Heritage to create a policy advocacy guide on food sovereignty, re-develop our website, and host community events on the Blackfeet Reservation and Missoula
  • With individual donations and volunteers we have been able to provide programs on the Blackfeet reservation and on social media to reach a wider community