Alumni 12 - Kipp
Darrell Robes Kipp (Apiniokio Peta) 1944-2013.

“Piegan Institute is pleased to have Saokio Heritage join the effort. For many years, the Institute has been the lone horse organization in the field, and it is important we acknowledge and support emerging organizations addressing the field of study. Saokio Heritage intends to bring to light the overlooked work of linguists and ethnographers who recorded the ‘voices’ of Blackfeet during the first part of the 20th century. The important part of the effort is to make the information available to the public sector.” — Darrell Robes Kipp, Executive Director, Piegan Institute, Browning, Montana.

“This era of digitization is providing an unparalleled opportunity for the democratization of information. Saokio Heritage is to be congratulated for helping to ensure that the Blackfeet community has access to the knowledge of tribal members that was recorded by academics and outsiders so long ago. For so many years this valuable information has been locked away in archival collections, readily accessible to the scholarly community, but difficult for local community members to locate and study. Through the work of Saokio Heritage these valuable sources are becoming available to the broader public.” — David R.M. Beck, Professor, Native American Studies Department, University of Montana

“Saokio Heritage’s goal to make the elusive documentation of the early twentieth century linguists and ethnographers of the Blackfeet available to a wider public, and especially to the Blackfeet themselves, is a worthwhile enterprise.” — William E. Farr, Professor of History, University of Montana.

Special thanks to Valentia LaPier for the use of her art work on this website.

Saokio Heritage is a community-based organization that aims to educate and advocate for the revitalization of Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikani) traditional knowledge in a modern context.