Camassia quamash

literal translation: excrement smell
Season: April to June, depending mainly on climate, elevation, snowpack
Habitat: only in meadows that are very moist in the spring but dry out in late summer
8 – 20 inch perennial
Light blue to deep purple, terminally arranged spike of flowers that stands conspicuously above the surrounding flora
Leaves: narrow, arise from the base of the plant in a classic lily fashion, may grow as tall as flower stalk
Flowers: star shaped and have yellow anthers (the pollen bearing part)
Bulb is egg shaped with brown coat
Roasted bulbs are sweet

BEWARE, Misisa looks just like the poisonous plant death camas, do not eat or look for this plant on your own

Turner, Nancy J. Food plants of interior First Peoples. Royal BC Museum, 2007.