History of the Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikuni) is found in a wide variety of places.

American Anthropologist: These include writings by George Bird Grinnell.

American Museum of Natural History: These include writings by David Duvall and Clark Wissler.

Dissertations/Theses: These include the writings of a wide variety of new scholars. We are focusing of those of Blackfeet heritage.

Field and Stream Magazine: These include the writings of James Willard Schultz, George Bird Grinnell and others.

Montana The Magazine of Western History: These include histories about the Blackfeet people and reservation written by John C. Ewers, Helen West and others.

C.C. Uhlenbeck: These include stories of various Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikuni) people recorded by C.C. Uhlenbeck and his graduate students in 1910-11.


Saokio Heritage is a community-based organization that aims to educate and advocate for the revitalization of Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikuni) traditional knowledge in a modern context.