Saokio Heritage acknowledges the U.N. definition of traditional knowledge which encompasses cultural, technological, scientific, and artistic knowledge that originated from a connection to a specific territory or place which is transmitted from generation to generation within a group of people.

Food Sovereignty

Saokio Heritage is working to revitalize interest and use of in traditional environmental knowledge, specifically — traditional food use — among the Blackfeet people and improve the health of our community.

Oral History (68 pages): Ahwahsiin (The Land/Where We Get Our Food): Traditional Foods and Contemporary Food Sovereignty on the Blackfeet Reservation

NEW Advocacy Guide (44 pages): Sokapsksino (to know completely): Advocacy Guide for Food Sovereignty and Food Security on the Blackfeet Reservation


Saokio Heritage is a community-based organization that aims to educate and advocate for the revitalization of Blackfeet (Amskapi Piikuni) traditional knowledge in a modern context.