Holterman: Blackfeet to English Vocabulary
Blackfeet to English Vocabulary A-O
Blackfeet to English Vocabulary P-Z


Piegan Institute Blackfeet Language Grammar Rules:
49 Rules as a Concise Guide to the Structure of the Language


Holterman Language Lessons 1996:
Each lesson includes vocabulary, language structure, and exercises
Holterman – Lesson 1-9
Holterman – Lesson 10-19
Holterman – Lesson 20-29
Holterman – Lesson 30-39
Holterman – Lesson 40-49
Holterman – Lesson 50-59
Holterman – Lesson 60-70

First Reader in the English and Blackfoot Languages with Pictures
Prepared by Order of the Department of Indian Affairs for the use of Industrial Schools in the North West Territories
First Reader pg 1-5
First Reader pg 6-10
First Reader pg 11-15
First Reader pg 16-20
First Reader pg 21-25
First Reader pg 26-30
First Reader pg 31-35
First Reader pg 36-40
First Reader pg 41-45